Friday, June 23, 2006


And it was always strange, the uncontained and insufficient relationship, which, now and then blinked on the oddest moments. It was always on her heart, the lovehate mix that constrained the labour/love prohibition.

Delightful days, however painful and bitter, on her mouthful of trash. She looked at him and saw him naked of feelings and clothing.

Joana-Tall worked on finance. She knew Miguel-Tanned, in a numeric shape, a mix of Arabic numbers that defined his life; only one in the large prints of independent workers.

He was part of the Free Thinkers; he had to think without intellectual locks. He could be a Theme Thinker (restrained to one line of thought), a Micro Thinker (improvers of TT thoughts), or Random Thinkers aka Brainstormers (different approaches everyday for maximum improvement).

Psycho-technicians placed him as a FT for a number of reasons, but especially due to the huge amount or iridium in his blood.

Iridium concentration defines the level of insight, physical or mental, and Miguel-Tanned had it a lot and it shouldn’t be confined in a contention cage.

A high concentration of iridium in your blood defines your ability for sports, in your brain for intellectual jobs.

Joana-Tall had iridium in her wallet, none in her body, only accessorized, and she hadn’t any interest in Positive-Iridiones like Miguel-Tanned – her education caused it.

A finance anomaly, on Miguel-Tanned’s invoice, changed that.

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